The home of Piaggio group brands


A place to meet, learn and discover.

Every brand deserves a place to shine. So we have created a revolutionary new retail concept that showcases the very best of the Piaggio Group – all under one roof.

More than
just a store.
it’s an experience.

The idea of Motoplex is to connect the physical with the digital, bringing motorcycling to life in a premium retail environment that informs and engages audiences like never before.
From creative product display to rich interactive content, the stylish use of technology makes the job of selling, just that little bit easier.


Iconic brands deserve an incredible showcase.

Retail spaces can do more than display products: they have the power to tell stories and build brands reputation.

Motoplex is designed to do just that, with distinctive, clearly defined spaces built around each of our brands.

From the cheeky, legendary Vespa to the chic inner-city feel of Piaggio, the epic adventures of Moto Guzzi to the sheer adrenaline of Aprilia visitors can immerse themselves in the world the connect with most.


The brands
are the stars

Each brand has its own dedicated space
to shine, showcasing hero bikes from the range.
Mounted on podiums, they stand proudly as the centre of attention, with banners and multimedia displays
telling the story and delivering key brand messages.

Related merchandise and accessories are smartly curated and displayed nearby, giving brand advocates the chance to customize their experience and express their individuality.

Multimedia storytelling and interactive displays explain the whole world of the brand. From its history to the product range passing through the customization. All this enhance and enrich the experience of the customer, quickly transforming the first contact in loyalty.


The Motoplex concept is all about blurring boundaries
and encouraging connection.

Whether it’s the seamless transition from offline to online experience, or the shift from inside space to outside space, every encounter is a chance for visitors to connect and share their passion.

By creating a vibrant space for enthusiasts and bikers to meet, the stage is set for shared experiences, giving sometimes disparate communities with a common interest a place to come together.

And when people feel at home with a brand their engagement is naturally increased. Whether you want to host local events, or simply crate a relaxing place for people to wait while their bikes are serviced, the Motoplex Format gives you the flexibility to make the space personal and functional.

workshop service

The experience
does not end

To create long-term customer relationship the aftersales area, services and care provided are every bit
as important as the showroom. That is why the Motoplex format brings our workshops out in the open.
Visitors can watch our mechanics at work, servicing and repairing veichles with the same attention to detailand loving care as the engineers that designed them.